Health Hack for Writers

Summer Travel Kit

Whether travelling abroad,  on a UK road trip, or sticking close to home, these are three of my go to helpers.
Avon Skin So Soft 
The best insect repellent ever. Although not billed as such, it was recommended in an American Travel Guide to Costa Rica and I’ve used it ever since (forty years). So whether challenged by midges in Scotland, mosquitoes emerging from standing water in a garden, or in exotic locations, an application of Skin So Soft keeps the critters at bay. There’s only one synthetic ingredient which is an emulsifier known as DSS. Full list of ingredients can be found by clicking here. (If venturing into the Amazon Jungles this is the formula my Venezuelan guide advised: Mix Baby Lotion, vitamin B liquid from gel capsules, and the strongest commercial repellent you can find. Slather onto every exposed part.)
Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall this ointment heals just about any cut, abrasion, or insect bite. It also seals painful skin fissures in a trice. It’s a miracle substance  and I always carry a tin in my handbag. Contains: Petrolatum, Beeswax, Oil of Eucalyptus, Pine, Thyme, Camphor, Limonene, Linalool and Chlorophyll.
Rescue Remedy
Dr Bach’s go to elixir for ameliorating every type of stress – from nightmares, trauma and grief, to irritability, impatience  and frustration as well as every kind of anxiety and fear. A few drops in water or simply administered under the tongue can soothe, ground and bring me back to the present moment. Now available as a spray and a cream. Ingredients for the original formula include natural flower essences suspended in alcohol.

PS I’ve never thought of using it for Writer’s Block until this very moment. Hmm. Might be worth a try.