“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” - Albert Einstein.

About Me

As a freelance photojournalist I wrote travel and lifestyle pieces for Harpers and Queen, The Observer, The Mail on Sunday, Opera Now and many other publications. I’ve edited magazines and non-fiction books and now I’ve returned I’ve returned to my first love – fiction.

Books saved my childhood. My mother read to me every night and with her encouragement I was reading by the age of four. She had shelves and shelves of books which I read avidly.  All three of my schools offered opportunities for acting, and producing plays so it’s not surprising my career has encompassed acting, writing and working for a playwright. 

My History

My first love was acting. Working on both sides of the Atlantic in theatre, film and television included roles on Emmerdale Farm and General Hospital. This led to developing scripts for TV which led to developing and writing a chapter for a compilation novel published by Hodder,  garnering a mention in the Sunday Times.

Working for Nobel Prize Winning author Harold Pinter for 13 years. Managing his busy office, transcribing his plays and  screenplays, as well as devising his official website was an amazing experience. At the feet of the master! 

With a passion for all things holistic, an unshakeable belief in Nature and the Divine, I love empowering others to lead adventurous lives and embrace their talents to the full.